Changing attitudes with knowledge

The funeral industry is perhaps one of the least understood in modern society. Shrouded in mystery and personal fears, many are discouraged from following a career in it. Yet it is a service that each and every one of us will need at some point. And when we do, each of us would like to receive compassionate, professional and efficient service.

The Academy aims to change attitudes through knowledge and ensure that each graduate provides the exemplary service every client deserves. FAfA is dedicated to providing sound education for its students to help them prepare for a successful and fulfilling career within the service to both the community and the funeral profession. The funeral industry is largely unregulated and, until now, has had no accredited tertiary-level institution of formal learning. Funeral Academy for Africa (FAfA) is about to change that.

Modelled on the best the world has to offer, the Academy will provide training in all aspects of mortuary science and art. All courses will be presented by experienced trainers operating from modern facilities situated alongside existing mortuaries. Of most significance is the fact that the Academy has the backing of the industry at large and will be accredited by the Services Sector Educational and Training Authority.
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